Daaqil Partners With Ilm Montessori

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Daaqil is pleased to announce its first pilot customer, Ilm Montessori. Ilm Montessori is a child care service provided for pre-school children, 3-12 years of age following the Montessori methods of learning. The facility is designed to provide the children with sequential learning materials and learning experiences which are the building blocks for practical life’s activities and cognitive, social and emotional development. Ilm is based in Lombard, Illinois.

Daaqil will enable Ilm to practice social distancing compliance by maintaining social distancing and sanitization standards. Additionally, with Daaqil, Ilm will manage it’s students’ drop-offs and pick-ups in a touch-less manner.

ILM Montessori’s President commented, “Our school is at the forefront in responding to the inclement times that requires us to provide safe and healthy environment for students and teachers. With Daaqil, we enable contactless check-in that helps us maintain the social distancing regulation in place.” 

If you are a school and want to sign up, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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