School & Facility Management Made Easy

Daaqil enables you to manage your facility and schools including check-ins, student, teachers and parent management.

Let's Collaborate In the New Normal

We want to be your partner in keeping our children, teachers and employees safe. And protect your business at the same time.

QR Code Technology

Contactless Check-In Using

Activity Log

Log Safety Activity For Compliance

Pickups & Drop-Offs

Contactless School Pickup/Drops

Student Management

Teachers & Parent Collaboration

Class Management

Homeworks, Assignments & more

No New Hardware

Just Your Smart Phone

Attendee Reports

Track all places you have been

Facility Reports

Track Who Visited and When

Privacy & Security

Secure HIPAA Compliant Platform

AI & Analytics

Predictions & Much More

Make Your Facility Ready For Check-in

Making your facility ready for check-in is easy. You need to place the unique facility QR code at convenient location(s) at your facility. Simply follow the instructions in the poster sheet available below in Microsoft Word format.

Worried About Privacy?

Privacy of our users is very important to Daaqil. Any data managed in Daaqil will not be shared beyond the managing facility. Daaqil uses secure servers and encryption to ensure your data is secure and private.

Facility Dashboard

Login To Your Facility Dashboard


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